2009 Chevrolet Impala Returns to Rear-Wheel Drive

By Automotive Staff | November 27, 2006
General Motors announced that the 2009 Impala will be featuring rear-wheel drive. Expect to see other changes, too. For example, there will be a longer wheelbase and short front and rear overhangs. The car will be similar in length and width to the front drive 2007 Impala, but the passenger compartment will be larger. The rear wheel drive platform is being engineered by Holden in Australia, a General Motors subsidiary. GM is also in the process of deciding where the Impala nameplate should be in its line of vehicles. The car could be maintained as a mass market sedan or moved upmarket. An upscale Impala will avoid an overlap with the 2008 front wheel drive Chevrolet Malibu. The 2008 Malibu will be larger than the current Malibu and will sport a more lavish interior.
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