2009 Frankfurt Motor Show: Waiting Line for Rolls-Royce Ghost

By Automotive Staff | September 16, 2009
Not everyone's been hit by the recession. Witness the fact that there is a waiting list to purchase the Rolls-Royce Ghost Sedan. The rear-wheel drive ultra-lux sedan features a 6.6 liter, twin-turbo, direct injection V-12 engine that generates 563 horsepower at 5,250 rpm. The car can also achieve 575 lb-ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. Rolls Royce says that the car can go from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds and has a time of 13.2 seconds for the quarter-mile. And this for a car that weighs 5,445 pounds. Although the British company makes only about 2000 Ghosts a year, there is a list of about 1200 who have expressed an interest in buying the newest model. Because of the strong demand, it is expected that deliveries of the first cars will come by the end of this year.
via Motor Trend

If you are a waiting list for the Rolls...then I would think it is fair to say that you don't have to worry about paying your bills. There are still people with a lot of money out there.