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2009 SEMA: What Recession?

By Automotive Staff | November 05, 2009
For specialty auto buffs, it is Christmas and the Super Bowl rolled up into one. "It" refers to this year’s SEMA show. Pundits and even some of the press were more than a little concern how aftermarket sellers would fair with the current economic crisis. Well, the issue's moot and there's nothing to worry about. Initial reports say that it is as good as it has always been and it is still drawing crowds too. This despite a so-called recession. SEMA president Peter MacGillivary reports that lines are long and internet traffic is ablaze. This year the annual show has 1,750 exhibitors. That’s only a drop off of 50 over last year. And MacGillivary said that the show has sold 110,000 tickets. No doubt there are all sorts of cool exhibits from major and perhaps not so major aftermarket companies that will surely raise the heart beat of specialty vehicle enthusiasts. Stay tune. via AutoWeek
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pics on the way, savagepony. ;-)


Well glad to hear that the SEMA show wasn't as vacant as some of the other auto shows. What I want now are pictures!!!