2010 Acura RL - Shifting from Sporty to Cruiser

By Joel Arellano | May 17, 2010
A sporty cruiser, the RL leans towards the latter in its latest incarnation. The RL’s electronic steering has definitely been re-tuned, requiring less effort in maneuvering the sedan. This makes it exceptionally easy to move around parking lots and tight spaces. I could turn the RL, for example, 180 degrees with one hand. The trade-off, though, is there was less road feel from the steering column. Without that input, I felt more reluctant to try certain moves I regularly performed in the older model. Other changes included removing the “shift gate” from the RL. Instead, drivers strictly use the prominent paddle shifters to row between the gears. Honda/Acura recalibrated the gears, which shifted smoother. The overall effect, in my opinion, is a more smoother, quiet ride ala Lexus than an entertaining one ala Mercedes-Benz. Next: In My Opinion.

Hey I stumbled onto your blog while I was looking through www.autoshippingnetwork.com and found this post. I am a fan of the old model. Lets see how the 2010 model fans out!