2010 Detroit Auto Show: Tesla Roadster hits the Road from California

By Joel Arellano | December 16, 2009
One way to promote a car that has not been released yet is to show it to as many people as possible. (Ask Ford and its Fiesta movement.) Automaker Tesla will be exhibiting its electric roadster sports car at the Detroit Auto Show next month. But, instead of hauling it on a truck, the car is being driven to the show. Remember the the electric car has a range of 244 miles. So the trip will be divided into several short trips. Tesla employees who will be driving the car will stop in at least 19 cities on the 2,700 miles trip to the Windy City. The journey is scheduled to start in Los Angeles on December 17 and the car is expected to arrive in Detroit by January 8. You can keep track of the progress of the road show by visiting Tesla’s website. 16 different Tesla employees will drive the vehicle. via Automobile Magazine