2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid – In My Opinion

By Joel Arellano | May 11, 2010
I have a confession to make: I have more than an impartial reviewer’s interest in the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Sometime this year, our 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid will break 200,000 miles which means we’ll be seriously looking for a new car. The Fusion Hybrid is on the list as one of those new cars and you can imagine my joy when Ford approved my request to drive, no, live with the Fusion for a week. So what’s my opinion? I found the Fusion to be an excellent drive either as a daily commuter and, surprisingly, a fun drive. The hybrid engine provided plenty of passing power even on steep roads and freeways while keeping fuel economy in the thirties despite my aggressive driving. Fit and finish inside the Fusion approached premium levels. I found the pricing to be quite aggressive against the competition especially when you consider many features came standard in the future that were optional in other vehicles. Especially SYNC: I discovered the infotainment system contained a chockfull of features that would cost thousands in other vehicles to even come close to duplicating. Overall, I enjoyed my time in the Ford Fusion Hybrid and recommend it.