2010 Mitsubishi Electric Car. It Could Happen

By Automotive Staff | May 15, 2007
Are you ready for another electric car? Mitsubishi announced that it may be offering one by 2010. According to Autopia, the Japanese car maker has negotiated a joint venture with GS Yuasa Corporation to produce the necessary lithium ion batteries by 2009. According to Mitsubishi, these batteries will have 10 times the capacity of today's batteries being used on today's prototype electric cars. Mitsubishi has already unveiled a concept vehicle that will be using the batteries. Called the MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle), it is a small car that can hold four passengers. The car also has in wheel motors, a growing feature that seems to be used more in the latest electric car test models. Our take? 2010 is increasingly looking like the year of the alternative fuel vehicle as General Motors targets the date to debut its production-version Chevrolet Volt; Hyundai to showcase its hybrid vehicles; and the introduction of other, similar cars by automakers.