2010 Pontiac G8: Rear-wheel Drive Returns

By Joel Arellano | December 28, 2006
According to the Detroit News, General Motors is reportedly the prototypes of what will eventually be the replacements of various Buick, Chevrolet, and Pontiac models.Holden, a GM subsidiary like Daewoo, and GM developed the new vehicle’s rear-wheel drive systems. Pontiac will receive two vehicles from the prototypes: the next GTO and the G8, which may replace the current Grand Prix (pictured). Holden will base its new Commodore and Stateman sedans on the chassis as well. Pontiac will begin production of its new vehicles some time in 2009. Our take? We’re taking a “wait and see” attitude. While GM is trying to revive its once sporty brand, its efforts, outside of the old GTO, have been moribund. Even the GTO suffered styling issues. We hope GM will properly sport-tune its new sedans as well as equipped them with the right engines. Otherwise, true sports car competitors like Mazda and Subaru will ride roughshod over them in buyer’s minds. Via Detroit News