2011 Dodge Durango Ads Emphasize The Return Of The SUV

By Sam Grossman | August 05, 2011
The general focus of most automobile manufacturers has been smaller and more fuel efficient cars, but Dodge isn't quite ready to give up on the SUV. With a new ad campaign, Dodge emphasizes 'The SUV is Back," while showcasing the 2011 Dodge Durango's best-in-class driving range and sportiness. The original commercial, "Long Lost Performance," got the Durango's new ad campaign rumbling when it debuted during the MLB All-Star game on July 12. The ad focuses on how the 2011 Durango re-establishes the SUV segment with a combination of performance and fuel efficiency. Reid Bigland, President and CEO of the Dodge brand, gave a brief synopsis of the first of many all-new Durango ads. "Long Lost Performance begins with the backdrop of an abandoned, dilapidated racetrack and an announcer lamenting that the era of automotive performance in the SUV segment is gone. Just as he hears two new Dodge Durangos approaching, he changes his tone and proudly acclaims that it "sounds like performance returning to the stage."
While this was the first ad launched for the 2011 Durango, many more will air soon. The Dodge Durango's designed to appeal to crossover shoppers, who value car-like ride fuel economy, and traditional SUV buyers, who emphasize towing and hauling. Expect the commercials to air on a variety of programs, from national television to cable. With consumers' increased emphasis on fuel economy, does a big SUV like the 2011 Dodge Durango have a place in today's market? Sound off in the comments below, and check out the Durango's newest ad, titled "Figure 8," which puts the Durango's handling on display. Source: Chrysler