2011 Ford F-150 Tossed 100 Feet During EF-5 Tornado in Oklahoma with People Inside, All Survive

By Trevor Dorchies | June 06, 2013
Last week's EF-5 tornado that ravaged El Reno, Oklahoma was one of the worst of its kind to ever touch down on planet Earth. It stretched a record 2.6 miles wide and had winds recorded as high as 296 mph. To put that into perspective, the strongest tornado ever recorded had winds touching 302 mph back in 1999. This time around, this tornado was responsible for nine fatalities and another 15 injuries. Luckily for this 2011 Ford F-150 owner (pictured above), he was not among those numbers, even though he and his truck (and possibly as passenger or two, the driver says "we" multiple times) were thrown by the tornado, rolling over four times, before coming to rest in a wheat field 100 yards away from where the truck was picked up. The driver happily reported that the side curtain airbags deployed as designed and once the truck came to rest, all four doors opened up easily. It's even reported that the truck came to rest on its roof one time while rolling over but, despite all that, the F-150 was still easy to get in and out off once it was upright. Those inside sustained only minor injuries which, obviously, is one of the best possible outcomes. The F-150's owner tweeted this picture to Ford Trucks Communications Manager Mike Levine, and was thankful to both the truck and those who created it for saving his life. "My F-150 saved my life when I got hit by the EF-5 tornado.  Rolled 4 times and I'll be buying another one soon," said Chip Legett. Legett posted an entry on Ford's social interaction site and took time to thank the engineers who crafted the Blue Oval's latest version of its popular light-duty truck. He also reiterated that he'd be getting another F-150 as soon as possible. "Thank you to the engineers who developed the safety features of my F-150 that allowed us to walk away from this," said Legett on Ford's social interaction site. "I’ll be getting another F-150 as soon as I can!" We've reached out to Legett and as soon as we have more information, we'll pass it along. Stay tuned. Source: Ford Social
  • 2011 Ford F 150 Survives EF 5 Oklahoma Tornado