2011 Ford Fiesta -- Interior

By Joel Arellano | April 28, 2010
When the model year 2006 Honda Civic went on sale in late 2005, its interior “video game” dash caused quite a stir from both the press and the public. I can see the all-new Ford Fiesta’s interior causing a similar reaction.
The specific section I’m talking about is the center stack. The infotainment controls splay out like butterfly wings, with setting controls slanting towards the driver while the numeric pad angles at the passenger side. I found myself glancing more than once at the unique arrangement but discovered it actually works quite well. A status screen sits above the array, hooded against all but direct sunlight. Many of us were surprised by the turn signal, which progressively clicked on after one touch ala German turn signals. Personally, I like the touch. The Fiesta felt competitive with its rivals’ best offerings. Soft plastics covered the dash and cloth, not mouse fur, lined the headliner. The control buttons and knobs were dampened, a surprise at this price segment. An elbow pad on the interior panel was covered in either cloth or leather depending on the trim. Note both driver and passenger seat backsides were padded and covered as well, an unusual touch. There’s only one map sleeve, which is located behind the passenger seat. Fit and finish were quite good; I saw no glaring misalignments of door panels, etc.
Front row space was adequate for tall people. (I’m six feet tall). However, my head touch the sloping roof in both hatchback and sedan models. And leg space was on the tight side especially with the front seats pushed back though the footwells were generous for thick shoes. Second row folded in 60/40 split though not flat like the Honda Fit. There are at least five cupholders in the Fiesta. Next: In My Opinion