2011 Hyundai Elantra Ride and Drive Car Review - Exterior

By Joel Arellano | January 19, 2011
When Hyundai unveiled the 2011 Elantra compact car at last year's Los Angeles Auto Show, we heard one journalist remark about the "baby Sonata". Well, the remark is understandable especially when you liken the Sonata to actress Goldie Hawn and her daughter (and also actress), Kate Hudson. The Elantra follows the "fluidic sculpture" design of its "parent", especially the clean curves on the Elantra's sides, rear, and greenhouse, which houses the front, side, and rear windows. And the difference between the Elantra and Sonata's shapely rears are almost negligible. The designers, though, go with a different flow with the Elantra's front fascia, borrowing the styling cues from another Hyundai vehicle, the larger Hyunda Tuscon crossover. The hexagonal design, coupled with the swept-back headlamps, gives, we think, the Elantra an overall compact, athletic appearance. To Be Continued

Just saw the 2011 Elantra at the Car Show. It was on a turntable and as it went around I was amazed that in tyhe complet rotation, it didn't have a bad angle or somthing out of place. All views are right on...actually better looking than the Sonata.