2011 Los Angeles Auto Show: 2012 Audi S7 Debut

By Matthew Askari | November 14, 2011
What's New The awards are fast in coming for the all new Audi A7. Audi designed the car without using carry-over parts, and the interior of Audi's A7 raises the bar for an automaker already associated with beautiful interiors. Audi's performance-inspired S line enhances already impressive cars, and in the case of the S7, Audi features its new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine, capable of producing an imposing 420-horsepower. What's most impressive is the new S7 fuel economy, delivering an average of 24 miles per gallon, thanks in large part to an aluminum diet that's help shed excess weight. Enthusiasts will appreciate the tight suspension and precise handling, in addition to all that additional power. Who It's For The S7 Sportback features all of the goods of the award winning Audi A7, and more. For those looking for a faster, more powerful car, with sedan/hatchback practicality and Audi's tradition of beautiful interiors, the S7 is a good place to start. The interior features high quality materials and styling that help define its sportier side. Stainless steel pedals, fine leather and a variety of decorative options compliment the S7. The hatch opens and closes electronically as a standard feature, and the meager 19 cubic feet of storage can be expanded by folding the seats down, giving you nearly 50.  Sport seats with S-logo badges are standard, along with some chrome accents and a V8T rear badge to help differentiate the S7 from the A7. Key Features The 2012 Audi S7 is a performance-inspired, stronger and faster version of the A7.
  • New Engine. The S7 benefits from a meaty 4.o-liter twin turbo V-8, which is capable of producing 420-horsepower.
  • Fuel economy. The S7 is expected to deliver performance and a sporty ride in a long hatchback body, and that it does. With performance like that, 24 mpg average fuel economy is a great bonus.
  • Audi style. Sporty S-logo badges are omnipresent, on the steering wheel, headrests, and brake calipers. The interior is immaculate and Audi's attention to lighting is noteworthy.
What We Think Audi's 2012 S7 looks to be competitively priced to compete with the likes of the Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz CLS, and Aston Martin Rapide. Adding some serious oomph to the standard A7, the Audi S7 is a highly styled hatchback version of the attractive but more traditionally styled S6. If the A7's warm reception and instant success is any indicator, the S7 should prove a winner for Audi.