10 Popular Used Cars You Should Avoid

Summer is right around the corner, and many people make their way to the local dealership to get that used car they've been eying. How do you know you're looking in the right direction? Do you know how much a specific car will cost you down the road? If you're looking for that muscle car or sports coupe, you may want to rethink your choice. Yes, it will look great driving down the road, but you'll be hard-pressed to grab the money as it flies out the window. All cars featured in our list are 2011 model years, and you may be surprised by what you see. Each car has been ranked by IntelliChoice with a rating of Below Average or Poor, and has been put on the list for reasons such as depreciation value, fuel costs, maintenance costs, price, insurance, or repairs. Read our 2011 Used Cars to Avoid to see what cars have landed on the list. Make sure you don't get strapped with a car that's going to bleed you dry.