2012-2013 VW Golf GTI Camouflage Suggests Big Style Change

By Joel Arellano | August 24, 2011
It always amazes us what information a spy shot reveals about a vehicle. Case in point: Auto Express' analysis on spy shots of the upcoming Volkswagen Golf GTI. Caught testing in the U.S., the photos show VW using a combination of optical camouflage (that's the squiggly stuff) and standard black to cover the three and five-door prototypes. Auto Express writes that the heavy use of black camo on the front and back hints to some big changes design-wise. Also, the additional disguise couldn't hide the three-door hatch's large wheels and twin chromed exhaust pipes. While clear shots of the VW Golf ala Mk VII Golf still continue to elude fans and money-starved freelancers, information about the hatchback is readily available across the autosphere. The Mk VII Golf, along with the Audi A3, will built on what's called a "modular" chassis. This kind of underpinning allows Volkswagen to develop a wide range of vehicles from one basic structure. A variety of turbo-charged gasoline and diesel engines will power the Euro-spec Golf with future plans for a plug-in hybrid and the e_BlueMotion electric version. VW also unveiled a convertible concept last June at the Worthersee Classics Festival in Worthersee, Austria.
Source: Auto Express