2012 Audi A5 Ad Calling Old Audis Ugly?

By Matthew Askari | April 03, 2012
Audi is growing a reputation for building stunning cars, inside and out. But in a new ad, the German automaker admits it wasn't always so. Indeed cars like the new 2012 Audi A7 have won numerous awards and praise, yet the A7 is mechanically identical to the Audi A6. The difference? Styling. And Some of that sculpted styling and those commanding LED headlights can be seen on the automaker's popular A5 model as well. But in its newest ad, "The Swan," Audi harkens back to the 1920s when it was first experimenting with aerodynamically styled concepts, even likening the one featured to "The Ugly Duckling" of children's story fame. The ad shows the ugly duckling Audi being shooed away by the unsympathetic people of the town. The disapproving people laugh and point, but looking at itself in the water's reflection the ugly duckling sees the future, the imposing and sleek A5 Coupe. You can see the '20s concept and the 2012 A5, for yourself in the commercial below.

Source: Audi via YouTube