2012 Audi TT RS To Start at $57,725 in U.S., Decision on Quattro Sports Car By September

By Jacob Brown | July 08, 2011
Audi released pricing today for the 2012 TT RS, the top-of-the-line version of the brand’s small sports car. Starting at $57,725 including the $875 destination charge, the long-awaited TT RS packs 360 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque through a 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine and routes that power to all four wheels via Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive. Shifting is done exclusively through a six-speed manual transmission for the North American market. At this time, Audi has no plans to offer its S Drive dual-clutch automatic transmission to U.S. customers that it makes available to TT RS shoppers abroad. Audi wanted the TT RS to be a pure sports car for the U.S.,” said Mark Dahncke, Audi Product & Motorsports Communications Manager. “It will come only as a coupe with the manual.” While layout and transmission options may be limited, fortunately, performance is not. Audi says the TT RS will hit 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.1 seconds and top out at 174 mph. To handle the increased power, Audi has opted to equip the TT RS with standard magnetic shocks that automatically adjust to different road conditions when not put in the stiffer sport mode.
The TT RS will also have flaps in the exhaust system that will open up under aggressive driving to release a more visceral exhaust note as well as exclusive 19-inch wheels, widened fenders, a larger front air dam, and exclusive interior appointments like RS-specific door handles and a flat-bottom steering wheel.
After introducing the TT RS in Europe in 2009, Audi created a petition on Facebook to gauge interest in selling the award-winning sports car stateside. With an overwhelming response, Audi followed through with bringing it to the U.S. Audi fans have also expressed interest in bringing a production version Quattro Coupe that debuted at the 2010 Paris Auto Show last October. While UK-based Autocar reported in April that it had received confirmation that Audi would be putting the Quattro into limited production, Dahncke said that no official word has been given yet and the final decision would be made before the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The TT RS will go on sale in the U.S. later this summer. Sources: Audi, Autocar