2012 Chevrolet Sonic Laps it Up in Motor Trends' Latest Downshift

By Joel Arellano | August 15, 2012
Autocross is a timed exercise where the driver races to complete a complex track course in the lowest possible time. In this week's episode of Motor Trend's The Downshift, host Jessi Lang prepares for her first autocross race. Helping Lang prep is Scott Mortara, road test editor for Motor Trend. The vehicle of choice for this driver skill and car handling sport is the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ. Mortara first takes the wheel, putting the diminutive hatchback through its paces through tight curves and short straightways that mark most autocross courses. He covers the basics of vehicle handling for Lang, droning on like the instructor he is, covering when to shift, when to turn, and when to hit the brakes. They then switch places. What follows is a hilarious montage of cockpit shots and bleeped remarks as Lang tries to apply Mortara's teachings in her practice run. First she learns to hold the line. You find yourself both smiling and cringing as the Chevy Sonic hits a cone, and laugh as it stalls again. And again. Then the two "walk the line" and cover the course itself. Finally she hits the course hard in the Sonic, and we were chortling as the Sonic went BAM! POW! CRACK! on the winding track. Mortara praises Lang for her efforts though that doesn't mean she escapes his "punishment" either. So how did Ms Lang do in her first autocross? Check out the video below to find out. Source: Motor Trend, YouTube