2012 Chevrolet Volt Ready for California Carpool Lanes

By Joel Arellano | February 24, 2012
Chevrolet Volt hybrid electric vehicles standardized for California's tough emissions laws are on their way to the Golden State from Michigan. The 2012 Chevy Volt, besides qualifying for the state's $1,500 rebate courtesy of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, are also eligible to use the morethan 1,400 miles of carpool lanes available on the freeways. California is the latest state to offer carpool access to the Chevrolet Volt. Carpool lanes, also known as HOV lanes, are usually only available for drivers with at least one additional passenger or for solo driver in a low emission vehicle. The Chevrolet Volt joins the Nissan Leaf electric car and more esoteric vehicles like the hydrogen-powered Mercedes-Benz F-Cell and Honda Civic NGV—which uses compressed natural gas—in accessing California's carpool lanes. The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers 40,000 stickers for qualified vehicles. Other states with similar programs include Florida, Georgia, and New York. The 2012 Chevrolet Volt continues to qualify for the federal government's $7,500 tax credit in addition to the state's $1,500 rebate.
Source: General Motors/Chevrolet