2012 Dodge Journey: Search Engine for the Real World?

By Joel Arellano | September 09, 2011
Dodge wants to play hide-and-seek and the car buying public is it. Starting today, Chrysler's sporty brand has hidden three 2012 Dodge Journey crossovers across the continental U.S., specifically in the "West Coast", the "Midwest", and the "East". (Real specific, eh?) The search is part of Dodge's "Search Engine for the Real World" ad campaign which, according to Chrysler, highlights the vehicle's versatility and flexibility as a full-sized crossover. Reid Bigland, President and CEO of Chrysler's Dodge brand, says, “Part compact car, due to its affordable pricing, part SUV with available all-wheel drive, and part van with available seven-passenger seating, the Journey offers best-in-class versatility, driving range and value, allowing Journey drivers to explore all that America has to offer.” Dodge heavily incorporates online media in its "Search Engine for the Real World" blitz, especially YouTube. In the video below, viewers watch the three 2012 Dodge Journey crossovers en route to their respective hiding places. Then, additional videos and even a 24/7 "reality show" live camera feed on Dodge's YouTube channel reveal clues to the hidden crossovers' whereabouts.
The 2012 Dodge Journey "Search Engine for the Real World" contest runs through the month of September. Video for the "West Coast" Dodge Journey goes live on Saturday the 10th with videos for the "Midwest" and "East" crossovers available on the 16th and 23rd, respectively, with the contest ending on the 27th.

Debuting in 2008 as a 2009, the Dodge Journey is classified as a midsized crossover configurable to carry either 5 or 7 passengers. Versatility is one of the vehicle's strengths, with the interior housing numerous storage bins for all those knickknacks finding their way into cars today. Chrysler refreshed the Dodge Journey for 2011; for 2012, the Dodge Journey gets a new package (American Value), lower price, and a simplified lineup. Source: Chrysler/Dodge