2012 Honda CR-V First Drive

By Blake Z. Rong | January 26, 2012
What it is: A new compact crossover for the car that revolutionized compact crossovers, the 2012 Honda CR-V comes as an update for the aging, yet still popular model. Best thing: We commend Honda for building a new vehicle that is actually less heavy and larger than its predecessor -- a rare feat these days. Despite this, interior volume is enlarged thanks to some clever packaging. Worst thing: The powertrain is still a carryover, with an archaic five-speed automatic in dire need of another gear. Honda claims there's no demand for a V-6 model, but we beg to differ.
Snap Judgement: Honda plays it safe with this generation of the CR-V, but also gives us both more and less: more room, fuel efficiency, and interior volume, and less overall size and weight.

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