2012 Honda Insight Loses The Razor Grille, Gets Shinier

By Blake Z. Rong | September 02, 2011
Sitting quietly at the Honda display at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show will be the 2012 Honda Insight hybrid. With little fanfare, Honda is unveiling a revised version of its small hatchback with a few styling tweaks to improve aesthetics and visibility. However, there is no word on if these changes will make it to the U.S. model. The 2012 Honda Insight loses its Gillette Mach 3 razor-blade grille and gains a newer, shinier front end. Honda also revised the sloping rear of the vehicle, modifying the spoiler and tailgate to improve upon one of the biggest gripes of the Insight: outward visibility. The Insight also gets slightly better mileage and produces less carbon dioxide thanks to a few other adjustments. The engine is revised for less internal friction, and the air conditioning is also updated to help reduce the 2012 Honda Insight's carbon footprint. Newer shocks improve upon ride comfort and stability, and the interior gets higher-quality components—another common Insight complaint. For the rest, Honda is mum on the specifics until the Frankfurt Auto Show.
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Car Modification Trends

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