2012 Honda Pilot Gets A Fresh Face, More Fuel Efficiency

By Blake Z. Rong | August 31, 2011
The chunky, cavernous Honda Pilot gets a mild refresh for 2012, with a new look and a bit more fuel economy. From the outside the Pilot's grille loses its squared-off ring and instead gains three chrome strips across the nose, which brings it in line with other Honda vehicles like the Accord and Odyssey. It retains its wide-eyed headlight stare, however. A new front bumper, five-spoke 18-inch wheels, and chrome strips along the door ding strips help convey a slicker appearance. Inside, Honda has taken strides to rearrange some buttons and decrease interior noise. The Pilot gets a piano-black center console to minimize the brightwork of the outgoing silver look, which resembled a hi-fi boombox from the late 1990s. On EX-L and Touring models, the Pilot gets a voice-activated 60GB hard drive for storing MP3s, Bluetooth audio streaming, and Honda’s Satellite-Linked Navigation System that offers traffic updates as far as Alaska, in case the Pilot’s adventures take you that far. Perhaps most notably, front wheel drive and all-wheel drive Pilots get fuel economy improvements: 1 mpg more in the city, and 2 mpg more on their highway and combined scores. Four-wheel drive Pilots get 17 city/24 highway/20 combined, while front-wheel drive Pilots now score 18 city/25 highway/21 combined, which Honda says puts it best among eight-passenger SUVs. Unfortunately, Honda is sticking with its five-speed automatic transmission, rather than upgrading the Pilot with its new six-speed that has appeared in some Acura products. By the time you read this the 2012 Pilot will be in showrooms, and at the same price as before.
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Car Gps

its a good looking powerful car the gas mileage is acceptable and usually not much worse than my old honda oddyssy about 17 normaly city and about 23 normaly on the highway my best has been 25.08 (in country going about 45 mph) and worst 13.238 (stuck in traffic with a/c blasting)