2012 Motorist Choice Award Winners Announced by IntelliChoice and AutoPacific

By Jacob Brown | October 04, 2012
Two of the biggest factors you'll likely consider when purchasing a new vehicles are consumer satisfaction and ownership costs. So why not combine the two measures and figure out the best buys? That's exactly what IntelliChoice and AutoPacific did when they teamed up for the 2012 Motorist Choice Awards. In 15 popular lifestyle segments, the two organizations came up with two winners each: popular and premium. As can be surmised, the popular winner was more mainstream while the premium winner was more aspirational. Categories included "Active Lifestyle," "Cargo Hauler," "Cosmopolitan," "Eco Friendly," and "Fun to Drive" among a much longer list, not limiting any one class to cars, trucks, or SUV/crossovers specifically. Each had a mix of the type of vehicles that won. And vehicles could win in multiple categories, too, which some did. In pairing the consumer satisfaction data AutoPacific uses through its wide-sweeping 75,000-person survey. and IntelliChoice's cost of ownership data, here's what the two came up with for the 2012 Motorist Choice Award winners:
Do you agree with their winners? While something of a non-specific, oddball award during off-peak season, is it something you'd consider looking at when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle? Let us know in the comments section below. Sources: IntelliChoice, AutoPacific
Category Segment Model
Active Lifestyle Popular Ram HD
Active Lifestyle Premium Porsche 911
Cargo Hauler Popular Toyota Prius v
Cargo Hauler Premium Cadillac Escalade
Cosmopolitan Popular Scion xD
Cosmopolitan Premium Audi A3
Eco Friendly Popular Toyota Prius v
Eco Friendly Premium Lexus CT Hybrid
Fun to Drive Popular MINI Cooper Countryman
Fun to Drive Premium Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Head Turner Popular Chevrolet Corvette
Head Turner Premium Audi A5
High Tech Popular Hyundai Equus
High Tech Premium Cadillac Escalade
Image Popular Volkswagen Beetle
Image Premium Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Kid Friendly Popular Toyota Sienna
Kid Friendly Premium Audi Q7
Luxury Lifestyle Popular Hyundai Equus
Luxury Lifestyle Premium Porsche Cayenne
People Mover Popular Chevrolet Suburban
People Mover Premium Mercedes-Benz GL
Performance Popular Volkswagen GTI
Performance Premium Cadillac Escalade
Road Trip Popular Toyota Sequoia
Road Trip Premium Porsche Boxster/Cayman
Value Popular Scion xD
Value Premium Lexus CT Hybrid
Youthful Popular Scion tC
Youthful Premium Land Rover Range Rover Evoque