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2012 New York Auto Show Preview, Part 2

By Keith Buglewicz | March 23, 2012
As the 2012 New York Auto Show creeps ever closer—and April 4 and 5 is less than two weeks away—what's going to be at the show becomes less and less of a mystery. Today, we have five more vehicles that we know will be there. However, even though three of them are known quantities thanks to their earlier debut at the Geneva Motor Show or elsewhere, two of them remain shrouded in secrecy. One, a revised version of the Toyota Venza, gives us a glimpse of its new headlight. As for the all-new version of the Lexus ES sedan that we anticipate debuting at the show? We have no pictures, but we do have a rundown of what's churning through the rumormill. Paragraphimage 2013 BMW M6 Cabriolet The 2013 BMW M6 Cabriolet is designed for those who miss the gentle breezes of hurricane season in Florida. How else can one explain a convertible capable of top speeds in excess of 155 mph? But the M6 Cabriolet does more than just ruin expensive hairdoos. With luxurious appointments, the latest in high-tech gadgetry, and drop-dead-gorgeous styling, the 2013 BMW M6 Cabriolet is primed for looking great and turning heads even when locked in the worst South Beach traffic. Paragraphimage 2013 BMW X1 While some have derided BMW's reliance on crossovers and SUVs to make money, there are some important things to consider. First, vehicles like the 2013 BMW X1 crossover are extremely popular, and BMW would be greatly amiss if it didn't build cars to satisfy customers. Second, BMW's crossovers are usually among the best-driving examples of the breed. So just go ahead and give in. Besides, this one looks pretty solid. It's smaller than the first-generation BMW X3, and has proven so popular in other markets that BMW had to delay its U.S. introduction by three years just to satisfy world demand. Clearly, BMW's onto something here. Paragraphimage 2013 Lexus ES While BMW has already spilled the beans about the M6 and X1, we're not even 100 percent certain the 2013 Lexus ES will even be at the New York Auto Show. Still, it's a pretty good bet it's the car that will be there. First, Lexus has a press conference set up, and there's surely some product associated with it. Second, although there's a new LS flagship somewhere in the pipeline, that will probably be held off for a slightly bigger venue. Finally, spy shots have nabbed the next ES, and with a new Toyota Camry already on the streets—the Lexus and Toyota share a lot of their mechanicals—all signs point to a new one in New York. Paragraphimage 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek Once upon a time, this would have been called the Subaru Impreza Outback. But times are changing, and with a new body comes a new name: now it's the 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek. Why the name change? Because Subaru wants to separate the crossover variants of its various wagons from the non-crossover versions. Thus, the Legacy Outback dropped the "Legacy" part of the name (even if it's clearly based on the same vehicle), and the Impreza Outback gets an all-new name to avoid any "Outback" confusion. Either way, fans of the old Impreza Outback will likely be pleased with what they see in New York in a couple weeks. Paragraphimage 2013 Toyota Venza We would say that Toyota is hoping lightning will strike twice when it introduces the 2013 Toyota Venza. However, the Venza never really set sales charts on fire in the first place. It's unfortunate, really, because there's a lot to like in Toyota's wagon-like five-passenger crossover. Toyota is tight lipped about what we can expect, but from the headlight teaser above, we can at least tell there will be a few subtle styling changes, including LED highlights in the headlight assembly. We also assume a few other tweaks outside, and probably inside, but expect the four-cylinder and V-6 engines and optional all-wheel drive to remain.
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