2012 Nissan Titan Recalled for Mislabeled Capacity Information

By Jacob Brown | April 24, 2012
The 2012 Nissan Titan is being recalled for a sticker mislabeling that doesn't give accurate information about weight capacities. Yup, the truck is being recalled for one tiny sticker. The recall covers 918 Nissan Titan pickup trucks made between June 10, 2011, and July 22, 2011, equipped with the Sports Appearance package. On the tire placard, which is often displayed on the driver's side front door, information displayed may not be correct for that particular model of Titan. As a result, owners may overload their vehicles with excess people or cargo, as the sticker has heavier gross vehicle weight rating than what Sports Appearance package-equipped Nissan Titan pickups should have. That could lead to the truck being harder than normal to control, which, in turn, could lead to an accident. An accurate load rating sticker is federally mandated. Nissan will begin contacting customers May 14. It will relabel the vehicles free of charge at dealerships, or the automaker will mail owners the stickers with correct information with instructions where to put them.
For more information on the Nissan Titan, owners can contact Nissan's customer service line at (615) 725-1000 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle safety hotline at (888) 327-4236, referencing campaign numberĀ 12V102000. Source: Safercar.gov