2012 Paris Motor Show: Lexus LF-CC Concept Preview

By Joel Arellano | September 17, 2012
Toyota has revealed its latest concept, the Lexus LF-CC, weeks ahead of its official debate at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The Lexus LF-CC is a mid-sized coupe and is most likely the next iteration of the Lexus IS sedan. Like the LF-LC concept coupe and last year's LF-Gh concept, the LF-CC sports Lexus' massive "spindle" grille. Another unique design is the sculpted lower fenders. According to Toyota, this design assists in managing airflow into the engine and brake systems. The Lexus LF-CC concept's swoopy roofline conveys both a sense of speed and increases aerodynamics. Subtle character lines break up the LF-LC's sides. Taillights are flush on the concept's sides and rear, giving the illusion the coupe's sculpted out of one large piece of premium metal.
The Lexus LF-CC concept's interior borrows styling cues from the latest ES and GS models, which we have driven here at Automotive.com. You can especially see it in the massive infotainment screen about the center stack. There's also a large display below embedded in the center stack. Case of overkill? Also, the Lexus LF-CC concept's steering wheel controls also look like touchscreens from the image instead of physical switches and dials. Finally, Toyota says the Lexus LF-CC will be powered by an all-new 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid powertrain. The Lexus LF-CC continues to be rear-wheel drive. Automotive.com's take: The Lexus LF-CC is as much a head-turner as the LF-LC concept, especially its grille. What do you think of the concept? Too much of a change? Too little? Let us know in the comments below. Source: Toyota / Lexus