2012 Toyota Camry to be All-American Built

By Joel Arellano | September 06, 2011
For years, the Japanese Toyota Camry has consistently scored as one of the most American cars you can buy. This is thanks not just to the Georgetown, Ky, factory where they're assembled, but to the fact that 80-percent of its parts are sourced from North American part manufacturers. Furthermore, over the first eight months of this year Toyota imported only 982 Camrys from Japan, less than half a percent of the more than 203,000 2011 Toyota Camry sedans sold here, according to Automotive News. Apparently those figures are not good enough. Toyota just announced plans to manufacture all Camrys here in the U.S., starting with the 2012 Toyota Camry which goes on sale later this month. The automaker aims to sell 360,000 units locally, and U.S. manufacturing plants may even export Camry sedans to satisfy global demand of 850,000 vehicles per year. Toyota plans to continue manufacturing the Camry in its Tsutsumi, Japan, plant but will only build and sell the hybrid model. The U.S.-spec 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid, which has been built domestically since the last generation model, will continue to receive its batteries, electric motors, and inverters from Japan.
The rising yen compared to the dollar seems to be motivating these changes. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)