2012 Toyota Prius v Models to Undergo Fix for Exhaust System Malfunctions

By Jacob Brown | April 16, 2012
Don't call it a recall. It isn't. Don't even call it a "service bulletin," says Toyota. But the 2012 Toyota Prius v wagon model is about to get its first fix—a defective exhaust control system—in a limited service campaign. Under the service campaign, 20,000 new Toyota Prius v owners will be contacted to replace weak actuators in the exhaust system that act as engine control mechanisms and recapture heat for the hybrid system. Because of their lack of integrity, the actuators can give out, allowing coolant to leak. That, in turn, will throw a "check engine" light on the dashboard and put the Toyota Prius v into safe mode, cutting the car's power. Toyota has made no announcement yet concerning the U.S. Toyota Prius v despite the fact that the vehicle is already undergoing service check-ups in Japan. Toyota says the actuator in the exhaust is used to capture hot exhaust gases to warm the engine more quickly and allow it to run more efficiently. When the announcement becomes official for U.S. vehicles, we'll be sure to keep you up to date. But if you have any questions concerning the limited service campaign, contact Toyota's service hotline at (800) 444-1074 for more information. Source: Wall Street Journal