2012 Toyota RAV4 EV's Engineers Show How to Make an Electric Car Fun

By Jacob Brown | September 12, 2012
Espousing the benefits of electric vehicles is typically what you'd expect your Green Peace-loving neighbor to do, replete with bumper stickers for all sorts of progressive causes. But besides being statements on wheels, they're generally perceived as utterly dull to drive. Tasked with dispelling that notion, Toyota's engineers used the 2012 RAV4 EV as a springboard to show how good it could get. They acknowledge the RAV4 is getting long in the tooth and needed to give it some new life for the RAV4 EV's three-year run, starting at the end of this summer. Using capacitive touchscreen functions on a new eight-inch monitor, Toyota's engineers made the RAV4's dash display much more modern, and like a smartphone. Speaking of smartphones, they also made an app especially for tracking the battery level of the vehicle and to active its pre-climate functions to heat or cool its interior before it gets taken off the grid. That, in turn, extends the Toyota RAV4 EV's range. In making a vehicle without an engine note or shifts, Toyota's team set out to make it not only another electric vehicle, but an experience. In sport mode, screens and the ring around the speedometer go from blue to red. It gains a higher top speed and quicker acceleration. Toyota's engineers say making it an exciting vehicle to drive was part of the mission.
After driving it, we say mission: accomplished.

Source: Toyota via YouTube