2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI Sets Distance Record on One Tank of Fuel

By Jacob Brown | May 09, 2012
There are days when you feel proud of yourself when you outdo your car's EPA fuel economy by one or two mpg. What if you doubled it, though? You'd likely be a world record holder, except one family did that already, and they're going to be a tough act to follow. John and Helen Taylor drove 1,626 miles on a single tank of fuel in a diesel-powered 2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI, surpassing the old record by 100 miles for distance on a single tank. Over the course of driving three days through nine states, the Taylors started in Houston, Texas, and ended their journey in Sterling, Virginia, averaging 84.1 mpg. That's almost twice the car's EPA-rated 43 mpg highway when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission. "We're excited to have broken the record for the longest distance driven on one-tank of fuel," said John Taylor. "The Passat TDI was the perfect car for the trip. It offers plenty of interior and cargo space, yet is frugal enough to help us achieve this record."
The couple started their adventure May 1, having the tank of the car certified and sealed by state troopers to guarantee their fuel level. Then they set off to topple the previous record, set in a Passat 1.6 BlueMotion diesel in Europe. In case you thought you heard a similar story last year with similar sounding names, you're not hallucinating. The Taylors set a record for distance traveled in a gas-powered vehicle last year in a Chevrolet Cruze Eco, and they have more than 90 hypermiling records to their name. Notch another one in their belt with this one. Source: Volkswagen