2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Proves to be More Than Two Tons of Fun on "Ignition"

By Jacob Brown | July 15, 2013
Say you're looking for a British sports car. A Jaguar F-Type is too futuristic. A Lotus Evora smells too much of the Elmer's glue that's used to hold it together; that could give you a headache in no time. An Aston Martin is too "me-too." Oh, and you have more than a quarter-million dollars just waiting to be spent. What do you get? In this week's "Ignition," host Carlos Lago has the answer: the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition. That's a whole lot of name. But then again, it's a whole lot of car. At more than 5,200 pounds, it's about the weight of two modern Mini Coopers. However, the Bentley is hardly a slouch thanks to a turbocharged W-12 engine that endows its driver with 616 horsepower. That power is put to the ground via all four wheels, courtesy of an eight-speed automatic transmission. It's halted with carbon ceramic brakes that are larger than most pizzas you'll ever eat. This car shouldn't be sporty, but it is. Not with that much girth. Lago says it's exactly what you might expect from a company whose racing heritage shows six Le Mans victories in the grueling 24-hour race over the last 90 years. Six victories under the banner of one of the most exclusive luxury brands in the world, that is. Watch his review below.

Source: Ignition via YouTube