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2013 BMW M5 and Porsche Panamera GTS Square Off Head 2 Head

By Jacob Brown | September 12, 2012
When it comes to sports sedans, most of the best ones hail from Germany. And two that rise above the rest are the 2013 BMW M5 and 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS, the ultimate iteration of the non-turbo Porsche hatchback. But which one is better? Motor Trend editor Jonny Lieberman took the two cars out to see for himself on this week's episode of Head 2 Head. On paper, the Porsche is down some 130 horsepower on its rival, and it shows. Undercutting the BMW by just 39 pounds, Lieberman pits the Porsche against the BMW, quickly showing which one is superior in a straight line. But a simple drag race doesn't tell the whole story. What about road feel? Fun to drive? Comfort and style? When you're looking at over for $100,000 for a proper sports sedan, these things matter. And these things help make this competition look a lot closer than you'd think on paper, given the BMW M5's immense power advantage and more than $40,000 as-tested price difference. It should be noted that their base prices are a lot closer to one another than that. Towards the end of the episode, Lieberman brings in a guest star from the Father Land to make a surprise cameo. We won't spoil it for you, but we will say that grandpa still has his dancing shoes. And it's a good indicator for which car actually takes the W. Check it out below. Which would you take?

Source: Head 2 Head via YouTube

  • 2013 Bmw M5 And Porsche Panamera Gts Front Head 2 Head
Brendon D.
Brendon D.

Seriously, Motor Trend? Pinning a 420-hp car against a 560-hp model? Guys, there IS the Turbo S which DOES have 550-hp...


for sure bmw 5 .a female car