2013 Cadillac XTS to Get Capless Fuel System

By Matthew Askari | April 25, 2012
The 2013 Cadillac XTS will adopt a capless fuel system, in what seems to be a growing industry trend. The system allows the driver to fill up their gas tank without having to unscrew a cap lid. It's a small convenience, but by making things a little simpler, we find it logical and clever. Cadillac is following Ford's lead on this one. A couple of years ago Ford introduced the capless fuel tank, and it's been featured on the Ford Fusion, among other vehicles in the lineup. John Hamilton, Ford's fuel systems design engineer, said "this new system has advantages for both the car and driver. It helps keep hands free of dirt and fuel, paint free of scratches caused by a swinging cap, and the engine running smoothly." In its press release, Cadillac added that "it eliminates the risk of leaving a gas station with a dangling cap, which can lead to paint damage and messy fuel dripping." We're not exactly sure how a capless system keeps the engine running smoothly versus a screw cap. Nor do we think it says much that Cadillac feels its drivers might forget to otherwise screw a cap back on, leaving it to swing and scratch the paint. But we do find the capless filler neat. Source: Cadillac