2013 Dodge Ram 1500, SRT Viper Offer Free Uconnect Access in Limited Time Offer

By Joel Arellano | September 25, 2012
Today's cars owners expect more than simple transportation from their vehicles. They want entertainment, especially from on-line features normally found on their smartphones: satellite radio, social media, web-surfing. Chrysler recently announced it will be offering six to 12 month complimentary access to its new Uconnect Access infotainment system to registered 2013 Ram 1500 and SRT Viper owners. Uconnect Access expands on the Chrysler's regular Uconnect system by offering four major features. The first is cloud-based voice recognition technology. Made famous by Apple's Siri system, cloud-based voice recognition software allows the speaker to use natural language ("Where am I?") to manipulate computer systems instead of more formal, rigid, command-speak ("Open navigation system. Select Current Location.") The second feature offered by the Chrysler Uconnect Access system is text messaging. Vehicle owners can now have incoming text messages from their smartphones read to them, then reply in -- again -- natural language. Finally, Uconnect can be used to surf the Internet via Microsoft's Bing search engine. Want the nearest restaurant? Command Uconnect Acess via voice command and Bing will compile a list of the nearest eateries to your location. Passengers can also enjoy Uconnect by accessing its Wi-Fi to connect to the web on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops (remember those)? A small fee will be charged for Wi-Fi service.
States Marios Zenios, VP for Chrysler's Uconnect System and Services division, "Today's consumers have varying needs for in-vehicle connectivity, so we have made it our mission to satisfy them by providing solutions that are -- first and always -- easy to use." Source: Chrysler