2013 Fiat 500 Turbo Unveiled at Concorso Italiano, Adds Second Turbocharged Vehicle to Lineup

By Trevor Dorchies | August 17, 2012
They ain’t enough room for the two of us, or is there? The 2013 Fiat 500 Turbo, which bowed earlier this morning at the Concorso Italiano in Monterey, Calif., thinks there’s some space for more than one turbocharged Fiat 500.  The latest addition to the cinquecento portfolio is welcomed, but isn’t much of a surprise. Remember when Chrysler filed documents with the EPA, which included the new 500T Sport? So why now Fiat? Why introduce another turbocharged 500 when the Abarth already was a walk-off homerun? According to Fiat, this is the 500 customers have been begging for, one that can be easily customized without having to spend the $22,000 starting price for an Abarth. With the addition of the 500T, customers can now get a little piece of the Abarth--which has sold every 2012 model produced--for less. Under the hood is a familiar power source, the same 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with MultiAir technology, albeit down 25 horses compared to the Abarth. Still, the 135 hp engine is a significant step up from the 101-hp engine standard on the Fiat 500. Other features that help differentiate the 500T from the Abarth are a set of improved CV joints, some tweaks to the transaxle, and it doesn’t feature the electrically-actuated limited-slip differential, something the Abarth has standard. In other words, the not-quite-as-fast 500 doesn't have quite as many go-fast parts as the Abarth. The 500T does, however, borrow the Abarth’s front brake rotors but use a different set of front lower control arms only found on the new model. The other suspension parts are taken from the much tamer Fiat 500 lineup. Here’s where the line between the Abarth and the 500T gets fuzzy though. Just like its more aggressive older brother, the 500T will feature 16-inch aluminum wheels, the same front-end, spoiler, side sills, and other cosmetic touches. The 500T does have a sport-tuned exhaust, and while Mr. Abarth himself didn’t make it, we expect this system to have a little grumble to it as well.  Both the head and taillights get a black-finish too, the same seen on the Mopar 500 Stinger. On the inside, only cloth seating is available in a black and gray color scheme. Outside, you can choose between red, white, blue-green, white, gray, silver, and black for an exterior paint finish. If you want a 2013 Fiat 500T, you’re going to have to drop at $20,200 for one and that includes a $700 destination fee. As to be expected, this price makes the 500T sit above the regular 500 but below the all-powerful Abarth.  You can expect to see the all-new 2013 Fiat 500T arriving in a showroom studio near you later this fall. Source: Chrysler