2013 Fisker Karma First Drive

By Matthew Askari | October 09, 2012
There are fewer than 1,500 Fisker Karmas on the road, but judging by the amount of media attention and press Fisker gets, one would assume—for better or worse—Fisker could compete with the likes of GM. Why all the attention?
The Fisker Karma has the looks of the finest exotic sports car, a price that just pierces six figures, a vaguely eco-friendly appeal, and a celebrity following (DiCaprio and Bieber can both claim to have one in the stable). But it's not all roses—the Karma has been plagued by a series of problems, delays in production and delivery, and recalls almost from the onset. Still, if you see one pass on the street, you can't help but direct your gaze. But what's it like to actually drive the Karma? Is there more than meets the eye? You can read our 2013 Fisker Karma First Drive to get our full impression.