2013 Honda Accord Enters Production; Continues 30 Years in Ohio

By Jacob Brown | August 20, 2012
The ninth-generation 2013 Honda Accord has officially begun production at Honda's Marysville, Ohio, manufacturing facility. The midsize sedan, which has battled back and forth with the Toyota Camry for segment supremacy for more than two decades, enters its 30th year of continuous production at its current plant. The 2013 Honda Accord sedan and coupe make some headway against the current crop of competition that its long-in-the-tooth predecessor struggled to maintain despite its popularity. The new car packs technology midsize sedan shoppers have come to expect, like lane departure warning, forward collision warning, a standard backup camera, and a standard infotainment system, and Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free calling.
But beyond the toys to pamper passengers, the 2013 Honda Accord features much greater upgrades under the skin. Four-cylinder models will come with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine paired to either a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic expected to help the car deliver as much as 38 mpg highway. Opt for a V-6 on your 2013 Honda Accord, and you get a new six-speed automatic. Both engines feature an advanced fuel injection system called direct injection, which boost power and fuel economy by squirting fuel directly into the cylinders. They're the first direct-injected engines from Honda, and part of a powertrain program the automaker calls Earth Dreams. Between Honda's Marysville plant where it assembles the Accord and the Anna and Russells Point, Ohio, plants that build the engines and transmissions that go into the 2013 Honda Accord, Honda has hired 150 new employees for the upcoming car. Altogether, Honda employs some 13,500 Ohioans.
If it sounds like we're boasting about our nation's 17th state, don't make any mistake of it being purely out of this author's home-state allegiance. Honda has done wonders with its Marysville facility, transforming what was simply a factory built to skirt the U.S. government's quota on import cars in 1982 into a world-class facility. Honda's Anna plant has the capability to build 1.18 million engines annually, and Marysville is set to act as the home of the hand-built next-generation Acura NSX for the world market. The 2013 Honda Accord going into production this week means that it should start hitting showrooms this fall, likely close the current car's $21,480 starting price. It should also hopefully launch Honda back into the game of selling a fun, sporty midsizer, as the automaker has promised. We'll be driving it later this week and should have our full impressions back to you shortly. Source: Honda