2013 Honda Accord Interior Revealed as Car Nears Production

By Jacob Brown | June 22, 2012
Although it will be hitting dealerships in a matter of mere months, the 2013 Honda Accord has been a mystery shrouded in an enigma for much of its testing process. We've seen what the outside of the next-generation sedanĀ and coupe will look like, as well as the impending plug-in hybrid version, but now we're finally getting to see the car in more detail. And, finally, we have our first look at the next Accord's interior. At first glance, it looks like the 2013 Honda Accord boasts a much cleaner, more modern interior look. Our spy shots show the new Accord featuring a large, center-mounted infotainment screen featuring Pandora music streaming on the Celine Dion channel. An acid test for the audio system, perhaps? What there isn't, however, is a button for a navigation menu, leading us to believe the infotainment system may come on lower-trim models, similar to what Ford is doing with its 2013 Fusion. A manual transmission and an actual key in the steering column shown in our interior shot reaffirm that this is likely one of the lower-level models, possibly an EX with a four-cylinder engine.
On the car seen here, Honda has limited the number of buttons, making only radio and climate control functions available outside the infotainment screen. It has given the 2013 Honda Accord a floating gauge needle for the speedometer with an information screen in the middle that looks like it was pulled straight from a Volvo. It should be noted that as these models are not yet production-ready, there will likely be changes to the materials used on the inside. Our photographers also managed to get a few pictures of the exterior of the 2013 Honda Accord, exposing a raised, curved trunk lid similar to that of the 1993 to 1997 Honda Accords, arguably one of the more handsome generations. The Accord's tail lights appear to be a cross between that generation's and those from the Hyundai Genesis, with a large, clear lens for the turn signal indicators up top and brake lights beneath them. All together, the 2013 Honda Accord may not be a radical departure from the current model, but it looks like it addresses the issues seen in the current model. We'll surely see more as the car gets nearer to its on-sale date late this summer or early in the fall.