2013 Honda Fit EV Charges Past Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus, Mitsubishi i EVs at 118 MPGe

By Joel Arellano | June 06, 2012
Honda announced that the EPA has rated its Honda Fit EV at 118 miles per gallon equivalent, or mpge, making it the most efficient electric car in the segment. New for model year 2013, the Honda Fit EV outlasts the former fuel efficiency champion Mitsubishi i (112 mpge), the upcoming Ford Focus Electric (105 mpge), and the Nissan Leaf (99 mpge), which is currently the most popular full electric vehicle at the time of this post. The mile per gallon equivalent is a figure developed by the Environmental Protection Agency to help consumers compare electric cars against the more familiar gasoline-powered vehicles. It's a bit of a kludge. Electric vehicles, or EVs, measure their energy usage in kilowatt-hours per mile, rather than how long it takes the vehicle  to consume a certain amount of fuel. The mpge measurement is designed to eliminate this disparity and make it easier to do direct comparisons (and to sell the EV). From a consumer perspective, though, is an electric vehicle's range between recharges. Honda reports its Fit EV has a range of 82 miles according to the EPA. That puts it ahead of the Mitsubishi i's 62 miles, Nissan Leaf's 73 miles range, and the Ford Focus EV (76 miles).
The 2013 Honda Fit EV made its debut at last year's Los Angeles Auto Show, with Honda delivering the first Fit EV back in January this year to the city of Torrance. The Honda Fit EV will be available in the states of California and Oregon later this summer before trickling out to the eastern seaboard next year. However, there is a slight catch: the 2013 Honda Fit EV is only available for lease. Source: Honda