2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo to Offer Fancy Matte Paint for the Masses, Sort of

By Matthew Askari | July 09, 2012
The new Veloster Turbo is arriving less than one year after the debut of the non-turbo Veloster, and more power and a sportier look isn't all buyers can expect. The 2013 Veloster Turbo will offer a grey matte paint job, previously found only on premium luxury models such as the Audi R8 and special edition BMWs. The matte application has been a popular aftermarket trend, and could often cost several thousand dollars. It's little wonder that Hyundai would be the first to offer such an application, a $1000 option on a car that can be had for as little as $22k. Taking care of the non-glossy matte paint varies greatly from regular paint. To cover its bases, Hyundai has created a separate 11-page care manual—that's right, 11 pages about the paint on your car. In it, you can find such explanations as "matte finishes are different from other automotive paints. Typical gloss paints use a clear coat finish that reflects light and gives a shiny appearance. A matte finish uses a different coating that diffuses light, providing its unique 'flat' finish." You should also avoid automatic car washes and shouldn't "use wax, detail spray, Armor All, or any products made for normal paint." To further protect itself, the automaker is making customers sign a contract acknowledging they understand that they are in fact buying some fancy-pants paint. And while you can finally get this paint job from a major automaker at an accessible price, not everyone will be able to get it. Hyundai expects demand to be high for its new matte finish, and in what has been a common theme with the Korean automaker of late, demand is expected to outpace supply. Source: Autoguide