2013 Kia K9 Commercial Shows Just What Korea Has In Store for the Future

By Jacob Brown | April 17, 2012
If ever you thought to yourself Kia was the perpetual second fiddle to fellow Korean automaker Hyundai, now might be time to reconsider that. Kia has begun advertising its new K9 full-size luxury sedan in its South Korean home market, showing off just what it's got. In the spot we have, the Kia K9 is shown with adaptive LED headlights. Speaking that the cheapest vehicle sold in the U.S. with full LED headlights right now is right around $60,000 and comes aus Deutschland, it's promising to see a car that shares its basic mechanical bits with the $35,000 to $49,000 Hyundai Genesis sedan carrying such a cool feature. Unlike most adaptive headlight setups, the Kia K9's can swivel both side to side in turns and adjust up and down for altitude changes. The K9 is also expected to have a choice of 3.3-liter or 3.8-liter V-6 engines, lane departure warning that vibrates the driver's seat if it senses a car coming up quickly in its blind spot, a large head-up display, and BMW-inspired controls for the shift lever and infotainment knob control.
Although there's no timeline as to whether we'll ever get the K9 here, Kia said in its initial press materials the car was never going to be sold in Europe. It never mentioned the U.S., however. We're crossing our fingers.

Source: Kia via YouTube