2013 Kia Soul Employs Hamsters for Encore

By Matthew Askari | August 30, 2012
If you're like me, you probably get a little embarrassed every time Kia's hamsters start dancing in a Kia Soul commercial, but if you're also like me, you watch the commercial every time. This uncomfortable relationship is slated to continue as Kia has released a new spot featuring the "Hamstars," as the Korean automaker affectionately refers to them. The pudgy, furry, cute-in-a-digital-rodent-way trio find themselves instilling a little hip-hop and Rasta fashion among a stuffy, powdered-wig set of an 18th-century opera house. Anti-climactically, the hamstars are a huge hit, eventually winning over the high-brow patrons, who apparently came to witness "In My Mind," remixed. We recently drove the 2013 Kia Soul, and found its simple cabin and economical pricing to be a reasonable pairing. The 2013 Kia Soul comes with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine good for 138-hp and starts at $14,400. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine ups the horsepower to 164, and only takes a 1-mpg hit in the city and on the highway, at 26 and 34 respectively. You can catch the Hamstars doing their thing in the video below.

Source: Kia