2013 MINI Clubvan Production Halted, Only 50 Units Sold in the United States

By Trevor Dorchies | July 18, 2013
You may (or may not) remember the 2013 Mini Clubvan that officially debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last year. It was slated to enter production for the North American market for the 2013 model year. Today, we learned that the Clubvan was short-lived, as Mini has decided to pull the plug on its production after just one year, and after selling a mere 50 units. Perhaps even crazier than the Clubvan's short lifespan was that no one really acknowledged its arrival and subsequent departure. The Mini Clubvan can basically be defined as a smaller wagon in Clubman form except the rear windows and seat have been deleted. The Clubvan keeps the third side door as well as the church-style rear doors. Mini called the Clubvan a "Future Concept" last year but said it would join the North American portfolio in 2013. Nathalie Bauters, Communications Manager for Mini USA, told Green Car Reports that the reason behind killing off the Clubvan already could be attributed to "relatively low demand and the effect of an excessive 25 percent tax on vehicles for commercial use." That 25 percent tax Bauters is referring to is the "Chicken Tax," which was put in place back in 1963 under President Lyndon Johnson and includes light trucks (amongst other things), which is where the Clubvan technically falls under. The Mini Clubvan's demise in the U.S. can be attributed to competition it experiences from vehicles like the Ford Transit Connect, which is about $3,500 less than the Clubvan's $25,985 sticker. On top of that, the Nissan NV200 is about $5,000 less than the Mini Clubvan. It appears that the Clubvan will live on elsewhere in the world though as Bauters told GCR that "sales of the Mini Clubvan have been strong in other markets worldwide, many of which benefit from tax advantages."
You win again, Chicken Tax. Source: Green Car Reports
Roger Richard
Roger Richard

I loved the features and stylish look of that car but i don't know why short lifespan still be positive hope like it by many of the guys.....