2013 Nissan GT-R to Get Horsepower Bump; Insanity Level Turned Up to 11

By Jacob Brown | November 07, 2011
If you think about the Nissan GT-R as a mad scientist’s greatest creation instead of merely a car, the logic behind its constant improvement makes much more sense. For the 2013 model year, Nissan has given life to 15 more horsepower and a host of improvements to keep its world-beating supercar ahead of the curve, bringing the total to 545 horsepower. Since debuting as a 2009 model, the Nissan GT-R has gained a total of 60 horsepower, received numerous aerodynamic improvements, and has been refined constantly, including a smoother shifting transmission. It’s also gained nearly $30,000 on its sticker price, now landing just shy of $100,000. But when you understand the level and depth Nissan’s engineers have gone to in refining their supercar, it makes plenty of sense how the price jumped so quickly. For the 2012 model year, which debuted at the beginning of this year, Nissan brought power up from 485 horsepower to 530. Along with aerodynamic and transmission improvements, Nissan was able to launch the GT-R forward as one of the few cars able to hit 60 mph in under 3 seconds. In making a further 15 horsepower improvement, Nissan has given the 2013 Nissan GT-R a larger air intake for better breathing. This has helped shave its 0 to 60 time down to an otherworldly 2.7 seconds on the way up to a near-200 mph top speed. To cope with the added stress from the engine, the GT-R’s transmission will now come standard with the same oil used in Nissan’s race cars. Still available in two equipment levels—Premium and Black Edition—the Nissan GT-R will come with new standard features for the 2013 model year such as a rearview monitor, navigation system with real-time weather and traffic information, and Bluetooth hands-free cell phone capabilities. Both versions of the GT-R will have RAYS forged aluminum wheels, the Premium coming with 10-spoke wheels and the Black Edition having six-spokes per rim. Early next year, Nissan plans to take the updated GT-R back to the Nurburgring where Nissan’s engineers have hopes of breaking the 7:20 mark around the 12.9-mile circuit. What does that mean to you? Nothing, unless you need some ego inflation. But for those of you who just want the car and don’t care about track times, Nissan will gladly sell you its latest iteration of the car nicknamed Godzilla when it hits showrooms in January. Source: Nissan