2013 Subaru BRZ Getting Competitive with Fraternal Scion FR-S Twin?

By Matthew Askari | July 12, 2012
Is Subaru offering incentives on its new BRZ sports coupe to compete with the near identical Scion FR-S? According to a recent report, yes. The two coupes are manufactured in the same plant, using the same equipment, employing the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, and are near identical—a few options, and the Subaru and Scion badges are all that differentiate the two. Yet the average base price of the Scion FR-S is about $1300 less than the BRZ, which led Subaru to offer a $400 incentive in June, according to the report. However, Subaru disputes this, saying the discount was not a direct cash incentive, rather a result of a low 2.9 percent APR promotion. Currently the Scion FR-S is outselling the BRZ three-to-one, expected as Scion has a larger dealer network throughout the country. While Scion only offers its coupe in one trim, paired with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, Subaru offers two. In addition to the regular BRZ which Subaru calls Premium, there is a premium version, which Subaru calls Limited. BRZ buyers can essentially get a higher end FR-S, which gives them options Scion doesn't offer, such as leather seats with a heating function, and automatic climate control. Overall Subaru—with the two trims and more options—is collecting an average of $29,085 per BRZ sold, while the Scion FR-S is going for $25,653 on average. Source: Drive On