2013 Tesla Model S to Start at $57,400, End at $92,400

By Jacob Brown | December 21, 2011
It’s been common knowledge for quite some time that Tesla had ambitiously targeted selling its 2013 Model S electric sports sedan for $57,400 before a $7500 federal tax credit. What we didn’t know, however, was just how high it would go.  With official prices for models and options packages released this week, consider both missions accomplished. With every checkbox tallied, the Model S can reach as high as $92,400, not including destination and handling or the tax credit. But don’t think you’re not getting anything for the extra $35,000. Among the options are an upgraded 60 or 85 kilowatt/hour battery packs (up from a standard 40 kilowatt/hour unit) that will lower acceleration times and provide the Tesla with a 230- or 300-mile driving range—up from a standard 160 miles. Other options will include 21-inch wheels for $3500, a panorama sunroof for $1500, a tech package for $3500, leather for $1500, and a parcel shelf for $150 under its large umbrella for upgrades.
Of note, Tesla’s most expensive option package is the Performance package, which includes the 85 kilowatt/hour battery and other would-be optional features as standard and lowers its 0 to 60 acceleration time to just 4.4 seconds. It will start at $79,900 without accounting for shipping or rebates. Tesla will also be experimenting with a series of “superchargers” that will replenish 160 miles of driving range in an 85 kilowatt/hour Model S in as little as 30 minutes. The automaker says it is building its infrastructure across the U.S. and will limit access to the high-level models for the time being. Tesla says on its website that the base Model S will enter production this winter, with the 85 kilowatt models to follow in the summer and the mid-level 60 kilowatt/hour model to follow in the fall. Fraught with loose deadlines since creating the first prototypes, we’re interested to see if the electric startup can deliver as promised. Source: Tesla