2013 Toyota Corolla Special Edition Beats Some Life into a Dying Horse

By Jacob Brown | March 22, 2013
The current Toyota Corolla, having been on sale since 2008, is a little long in the tooth and will be replaced with an all-new model by the end of the year. That said, it's still a cash cow for Toyota and is raking in sales that put it at the top of its segment despite its age and relative lack of sophistication.
As a sort of farewell to the model, the 2013 Toyota Corolla Special Edition is rolling out to garner a little extra attention in the meantime. The Special Edition package will be available with either the Corolla LE or the Corolla S, each with slightly different equipment. As with other Corolla shoppers, the LE Special Edition is aimed at comfort and practicality minded shoppers, coming with 16-inch alloy wheels, a touchscreen audio system with Entune and navigation, power seats adorned in leather with heating elements, Special Edition floor mats and badges, and Currant Black paint.
The 2013 Toyota Corolla S Special Edition will differ with sportier 17-inch wheels and manual "sport" cloth seats that coordinate with the car's Hot Lava red paintjob. It will have Special Edition badges and the Entune infotainment system, though.
Toyota will manufacture 7,500 Corolla Special Editions--2,250 LEs and 5,250 Ss--with each carrying a retail price of $21,345, including $795 for destination and handling. Relatively rare for a Corolla--Toyota will undoubtedly sell more than 200,000 Corollas this year alone--the Corolla Special Edition should drum up enough interest until the next Corolla, which is said to take cues from the Corolla Furia concept from the Detroit Auto Show, hits showrooms towards the end of this year. Outdated, sure. A bit bland, absolutely. Reliable enough to survive a nuclear fallout? Yeah, that's why you buy a Corolla in the first place. Look for the Toyota Corolla Special Edition to hit showrooms by the end of April. Source: Toyota