2013 Toyota RAV4 Shows Its Production-Ready Face Overseas, We Think

By Jacob Brown | August 09, 2012
It's no secret Toyota has been planning to introduce a new RAV4 crossover for the 2013 model year. Our spy photographers have seen prototypes running around several times. But those vehicles have been copiously covered in vinyl, their details disguised beyond recognition. Now, it looks like we might have our first look at the front end interior of the upcoming vehicle. Spotted in Saudi Arabia by a Toyota fan, this vehicle shown above is what we believe to be the new 2013 Toyota RAV4. Its front end design borrows liberally from the Toyota Camry. Still covered in white wrap, we can't make out much else from the RAV4 that hasn't already been seen. The interior shot also carries design elements from the Camry, but mostly takes its look—including its floating dash, under-dash cupholders, and shifter layout—from the Toyota Prius c.
Compared to the current RAV4, the new model's sides appear to be less upright, more stylized like the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe's. And around the back, the crossover sports more horizontal tail lights than its predecessor. The back windows are still covered, leaving us to speculate what much of the rest of its interior will look like. Also under speculation is the 2013 Toyota RAV4's engine options. We expect the next-generation version to carry on with a four-cylinder engine, but rumors persist that it may lose its V-6 option for the new model year. Additionally, in California, there will be an all-electric version of the 2013 RAV4, but it will retain the prior generation's design through its model life. Toyota tailors many of its vehicles for regional tastes, meaning the RAV4 seen above could look different when it comes stateside. Or it could be a different crossover altogether that's based on the same platform. As the 2013 RAV4 is likely to debut at November's Los Angeles International Auto Show, we should know soon enough what details make it across the pond. Source: ToyotaClub-SA via Motor Trend