Updated: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Front and Rear Bumpers Leaked in Supplier Video

By Jacob Brown | July 12, 2012
The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette is just months away from a likely debut at January's 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and General Motors is having a dickens of a time keeping it under wraps until then. Omega Tooling, a Tier One supplier for the molded plastic bumper covers that adorn the Corvette, accidentally leaked out a promotional video showing what part of the hotly anticipated next-generation sports car will look like. In the video, which has since been pulled from much of the internet's dwellings (although the YouTube embed below was active at publishing time), Omega shows off its computer drafting technology behind what the company likely assumed wasn't a future product. But they showed the car's front bumper in extensive detail, showing off the sharper cutlines around the headlight housings, a redesigned crossed flags emblem shape on the hood, and two ducts underneath the bumper that jut out. But when Omega goes in for a closer look at the 2014 Corvette's body panels and shows the mold, it also gives us a sneak peek at the C7 Corvette's rear bumper, which appears to sport vastly different, rectangular tail lights similar to the Camaro's. They look to have two bulbs in either housing plus reverse lights built in instead of housed lower in the bumper.
While not a lot to go off of, it's a start of the final look that will become the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, a car speculated to be lighter and more fuel-efficient but no less powerful. It has been confirmed that the 2014 Corvette will get a seven-speed transmission or a conventional automatic, likely with eight gears. And it will retain a V-8 engine of similar size to the current model's. Along the way, rumor has persisted that the C7 Corvette would look like the concept featured in the Transformers movie series, or that it would have a mid-engine layout. But GM's 2009 bankruptcy pushed development plans back to a design more similar to the current C6 Corvette's. But that's not to say it will be a disappointment—and we wouldn't say that before we know any more details. We're sure that, along the way, more details will spill about the 2014 Corvette, as these sorts of things inevitably happen with hotly anticipated new vehicles. But until we have a little more confirmation of some of the details floating around, we're just as happy to tell you it runs on premium unleaded pixie dust and needs its engine's tiger blood changed every 12,000 miles. Stay tuned through the 2014 Corvette's introduction next year. It's bound to be a fun one. Editor's Note: Since this post originally ran, Omega has issued various cease-and-desist orders to remove the images, claiming that it was proprietary information that was obtained without authorization. Rather than engage in a legal back and forth, we have chosen to remove the original video and photos. However, since this is the internet age, it's still easy to find the Corvette C7 images elsewhere, not to mention the original video. Insert your own analogy about un-ringing a bell, genies out of bottles, cats out of bags, etc. Source: CorvetteBlogger.com